History of Afenmai

Afenmai World Congress Inc., (“AWC”) was incorporated in May of 2006 as a State of Texas’ non-profit corporation to serve as an umbrella organization of all Afenmai affiliated associations, unions or organizations throughout North America and beyond.

Afenmai International Organization Inc., (AIO) of Dallas/Fort Worth, under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Major Nasir Usman (Rtd) hosted a gathering of Afenmai sons, daughters and friends in Dallas Texas on October 20, 2007, to inaugurate the global organization now famously called “Afenmai World Congress.”

An interim committee consisting of Stella Ejedawe (chairperson), Dr. Osilama Osime (Secretary), Mike Abdul (Treasurer), Mike Oshiokpekhai (PRO), Major Nasir Usman and Adamu Braimah (members) were mandated to facilitate the organization of the first annual convention in Los Angeles, California, for purposes of ratifying the constitution and election of members of the first Executive Board.

Afemai Club of Southern California co-hosted AWC’s first annual convention in Los Angeles, California. Admiral Mike Okhai Akhigbe (Rtd) chaired the convention where the constitution was discussed and ratified.

Members of the first Executive Board led by Dr. Osilama Osime (President), Dr. David Iyalomhe (Secretary General), Mike Abdul (Treasurer), Phillip Iluonokhalumhe (Financial Secretary), Lawal Salami (PRO), among others, were elected by delegates of the participating member unions.

In 2009, the second annual convention was co-hosted by Etsakor USA Inc., at Newark, New Jersey. Afenmai son, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, Governor of Edo State, Nigeria, was the special guest of honor at both the Newark and Atlanta conventions.

The third annual convention of AWC was held at Atlanta, Georgia, where the members of the current Executive Board of Afenmai World Congress, Inc., were elected, with: Dr. Anthony Akande as President, Dr. John Emale as Vice President, Dr. David Iyalomhe, re-elected as Secretary General, Dr. Peter Oyakhire as Assistant Secretary, Dennis Abuda as Public Relations Officer and Jacob Oshotse as Treasurer. Phillip Iluonokhalumhe was subsequently elected by members of the House of Delegates as the Financial Secretary.

Afenmai Association of Michigan co-hosted the fourth annual convention of AWC at Detroit, Michigan on July 29-31, 2011. Engineer S.K. Ilugbekhai was the chair of the Convention while Dr. Fidelis Ayaebe was the keynote guest speaker. The Delegates during the Detroit Convention discussed and ratified a new constitution for Afenmai World Congress Inc., on July 29, 2011. (2011 AWC Constitution).

Association of Afenmai People in New England will co-host the fifth annual convention of AWC in Boston, Massachusetts on August 3-5, 2012, where new members of the Executive Board will be elected by the delegates of participating member unions of AWC.

Afenmai World Congress Inc., under the leadership of Dr. Osime, gave bursary awards of Thirty Thousand Naira each to 30 indigent students of Afenmai origin studying at the University of Benin, Ambrose Alli University and Auchi Polytechnic in 2010. In 2011, Dr. Akande, on behalf of AWC, gave bursary awards of Thirty Thousand Naira each to 38 indigent students of Afenmai origin at the three tertiary institutions in Edo State and distributed 20,000 big exercise books to 40 elementary and high schools from the six local government areas of Afenmai land during the award ceremony chaired by Dr. Philipa Idogho (Rector) at Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Nigeria. AWC will continue to partner with individuals, corporate entities and non-profit organizations in the United States to collect and distribute educational, sports and other materials to underprivileged people, students and schools in Afenmai land.

AWC appreciates the individuals, organizations, corporate entities, business and political leaders that have supported us over the past years.

Key facts about Afenmai

  • Name:  Afenmai World Congress Inc.
  • Year Founded:   May of 2006
  • President:  Major Nasir Usman (Rtd)
  • Headquarters:  Texas USA
  • Type:  Non-Profit Corporation

Notable Figures

2014-2016 Executives

  • President Dr. Chief John Emale
  • Vice President Ms. Fatimo DanKano
  • Secretary-General Dr. Charles Jagun
  • Financial Secretary Mr. Abdul Yaro Lecky
  • Treasurer Mrs. Stella Oleita
  • Assistant Secretary-General Mr. Ilu Ozekomhe
  • 1st Public Relations Officer Mr. Kola Adeloye
  • 2nd Public Relations Officer Mr. Columbus Inuwalu
  • Past President Dr. Tony Akande
  • Past Sec. General Dr. Matthew Ajiake