Mama Yesufu goes home

Dear Afenmai Brothers and Sisters of the Congress;

With glory to Allah and absolute surrender to His will, the President, Dr. John Emale on behalf of member Unions/Associations announces the passing on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 of Mama Yesufu – mother of Momoh Sanni Yesufu, President of Auchi Association of Washington, DC.

She devoted her time, energy and resources to the community to help the needy in as dictated by the Holy Prophet Mohammed. Mama was a patient and supportive community leader with a passion for Allah. She served as encouragement to all in the community. Inspiring support for the less privileged and dedication in others was her life-long goal. Mama will be missed by all.

Mama Yesufu is survived by her children and grandchildren .

The 40th Day Fidau Prayers will take place at MomohYesufu's mosque in Baltimore, MD. Members are encouraged to attend and support Mr. Yesufu at this difficult time.

Our President, Dr.Emale encourages member Unions/Associations, all Afenmai sons and daughters in the United States to pray for the family and send their condolences to his Mr. Momoh Sanni Yesufu on 4432261965.

Yours Sincerely

Charles Jagun

General Secretary

Afenmai World Congress